General Terms

The difference between total ballots cast and registered voters ballots cast. 

The result printed by the vote tabulating equipment, to which have been added write-in and if applicable early votes and processed provisional ballots, certified by the election officer in charge, constitutes the official canvass of each election district. Note: This definition varies slightly by election districts nationwide, however all states certify an official canvass of the vote

Under law, some voters are removed from the voter role for privacy and protection purposes. VoteRef makes available the data that the state makes public. Certain state laws and programs give voters the right to have their information redacted from voter registration records. When available we have provided the total count of these voters. 

The difference between total votes and registered voters ballots cast. 

The number of registered voters reported as casting a ballot per the state’s voter file. 

There is a difference between total ballots cast and total votes. Total votes reflect the contest totals for candidates. However, not every individual votes in every contest but they still cast a ballot, and therefore are counted in the total ballots cast. 

The number of ballots cast in the election per the state canvass. 

The total number of votes cast in the jurisdiction for candidates in the contest.