Voter Reference Foundation adds Montana to
Jan 14, 2022

by Voter Reference Foundation

DOWNERS GROVE, IL — The Voter Reference Foundation (VRF) added Montana as the 13th state to be compiled into the public voter transparency database.

Montana joins the following states in the database — Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

With the goal of completing the site in 2022, VRF hopes it will serve as a resource for American citizens to search records and become educated on nationwide voting discrepancies.

The process of compiling data from all 50 states begins by comparing the 2020 election reports oflocal officials with the comprehensive statewide canvass report. VRF has found countless differences between the number of votes reported by the states and the total number of voters casting a ballot according to official election records. 

These discrepancies do not necessarily indicate fraud, but at a minimum they highlight the need for better records and accountability. Though some differences have been minute — with the lowest of43 in North Carolina — other states have reached tens of thousands in vote discrepancies.

In Montana, the discrepancy is 1,896.

State | Discrepancy
Montana | 1,896
Colorado | 439
Connecticut | 37,256
Georgia | 3,787
Michigan | 74,135
Nevada | 8,952
New Jersey | (37,944)
New Mexico | 3,844
North Carolina | (42)
Ohio | 22,425
Pennsylvania | 41,524
Virginia | 63,984
Wisconsin | (3,033)

With the addition of Montana, now includes data covering roughly 30 percent of the United States population.

VRF Executive Director Gina Swoboda noted that 2022 will be a crucial year for the group to bolster the database and increase residents’ abilities to understand the election reporting process.

“As we keep expanding the database this year,” Swoboda said, “we hope to encourage residents across the country to educate themselves and to serve as grassroots advocates for transparency and election integrity.” is a permanent reference source operated by VRF. Those who access the website can search by name or address for registered voters. They also will be able to examine voting histories -- a list of elections that voters participated in, as well as other important election data obtained via official sources.

The VRF was created by Restoration Action, an educational 501c4 organization founded by West Point graduate and successful entrepreneur Doug Truax. A former U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, Truax is deeply interested in election integrity, as expressed in this op-ed in American Greatness.