Voter transparency site adds the state of Iowa
Mar 11, 2022

by Voter Reference Foundation

DOWNERS GROVE, IL —, a public website dedicated to voter and election data compiled by the Voter Reference Foundation (VRF), added Iowa to the searchable site. 
As the 20th state added to the database, Iowa will join Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The database now covers states representing almost half of the country’s population. 
Full transparency into election records and results is needed to restore faith in our elections process. The work being done by VRF continues to highlight the need to ensure accurate voter rolls are being maintained, and to provide the public access to these rolls so that they may search the data and report errors to election officials. 
The process of reviewing certified election data in each state begins with a comparison of the records of ballots cast as reported by local election officials with the voter history compiled by the state for the 2020 election. 
Discrepancies in this comparison have been found to be as low as 42 in North Carolina and as high as tens of thousands in other states — with more data coming in each week. VRF will continue to add to the database as they receive reports, with the goal of completing all 50 states in 2022. 
The discrepancy in Iowa was found to be 26,139. Although this number is not the one of the highest discrepancies recorded so far, it accounts for 1.54% of the voting population in the state that cast a ballot in the 2020 election cycle.
State  | Discrepancy 
Iowa | 26,139
Alaska  | 3,326 
Colorado  | 439 
Connecticut  | 37,256 
Florida  | 158,319 
Georgia  | 3,787 
Idaho  | 11,147 
Michigan  | 74,135 
Minnesota  | 46,328 
Montana  | 1,896 
Nevada  | 8,952 
New Jersey  | (37,944) 
New Mexico  | 3,844 
North Carolina  | (42) 
Ohio | 22,425
Oregon | 31,619
South Dakota  | 4,735 
Texas  | 119,164 
Virginia  | 63,984 
Wisconsin  | (3,033) 
“Our publication of the voter rolls in Iowa and other states is giving the public, for the first time, widespread access to these rolls,  which are public records the public pays for with their tax dollars,” VRF Executive Director Gina Swoboda said. “The discrepancies we are discovering need to be reconciled and we will continue pressing election officials for all records required to identify the source of the discrepancies.”
 ---- is a permanent reference source operated by VRF. Those who access the website can search by name or address for registered voters. They also will be able to examine voter histories -- a list of elections that voters participated in, as well as other important election data obtained via official sources. 
The VRF was created by Restoration Action, an educational 501c4 organization founded by West Point graduate and successful entrepreneur Doug Truax. A former U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, Truax is deeply interested in election integrity, as expressed in this 2021 op-ed in American Greatness and 2022 follow-up op-ed in Real Clear Politics